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Name:Stiles Stilinski
Birthdate:Apr 8
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America

Disclaimer: Not Stiles Stilinski. Not Dylan O'Brien. Don't own Teen Wolf. No profit being made. This is a roleplay journal, strictly for fun times.

Over 21. Content in journal will be NSFW/NC-17. I will only RP NSFW material with others who are also 18+. This is not up for discussion or debate.

Info: Stiles is very intelligent. He likes figuring things out and it bugs the hell out of him when he can't. Obstacles are made to be broken (kind of like rules). He enjoys the process of getting to the bottom of something. His empathy meter is set a little low, so he's someone who will get the occasional slap for voicing things badly or asking questions at inappropriate times, but that doesn't put him off from figuring things out. He has trouble focusing. His brain takes on far too many things at once, and sometimes there’s a level of difficulty in dealing with one thing at a time.

Stiles is a very nurturing person. He takes care of people and his instinct is to help. That said, he’s nurturing and caring to the people important to him. The rest of the word takes a very distant second. He’s got his priorities and he sticks to them. He’s clever and sarcastic and often very, very lonely. He’s funny, a prankster. There’s a certain dark humor in him if one really looks back at some of the things he says. He’s not just a goofy person, he’s really not. He’s exceedingly loyal and there’s absolutely nothing he wouldn’t do for those that mean the most to him. He's blunt and often unkind and he doesn't shy away from subjects that are inappropriate or hurtful.

One of the most important people in his life is his father. Stiles’ father is someone he loves unconditionally and he really does want his dad to be proud of him. He doesn’t like lying to him. He wants his father to be safe, and he’d risk himself and anyone else to keep his dad alive and well. Stiles is terrified of losing his dad. He’s already lost his mother and there’s a great deal of guilt in that. He and his father don’t talk about her, or the loss, a great deal.

Another very important person in Stiles’ life is Scott. Scott is more than his best friend, he’s his brother. Even Scott trying to kill him when he's initially turned doesn’t push Stiles away and, honestly, nothing could. He tries to understand and he refuses to back away, instead choosing to stand by him and try to help him. He wants Scott to be happy, and yes, he’s definitely had his jealous moments since Scott was bitten. There’s a good chance he’ll get jealous again. Stiles is very human, in every way, and wanting to be in the spotlight occasionally is a part of that. He wants to be recognized, and he doesn’t always feel like he is.

He doesn’t allow that feeling to stand in the way of him doing what he feels needs to be done to ensure that his friends and family are taken care of. He’d let the rest of the world burn to keep the people he cares about safe, and he’d do so without apologizing.

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SHIPPING INFO: I ship Stiles/Derek. That doesn't close me off to other ships. I like writing Stiles with Scott or Isaac or Erica. If there's chemistry, I'm happy to try something out. As far as Lydia goes, I think they make really awesome friends. Beyond that, I'm not huge on the ship. I'm not saying I could never ship it, I just haven't seen it as workable so far. Also important? Shipping is not the most important thing in the world to me. I love to work things through and build. Thanks for reading and feel free to toss something at me if you'd like to play.

Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to play -- OR just hit up Stiles' IC voice mail. I'm open to any and all ideas.

Interests (29):

actual abominable snowmen, beacon hills, beautiful blue jeeps, bestiaries, chains, checking out crime scenes, chicken nuggets, curly fries, derek hale, getting keys made, handcuffs, lacrosse, low cholesterol recipes, lydia martin, mountain ash badassery, my badass google fu, my inner yoda, not getting beat up, reeses peanut butter cups, sarcasm, scott mccall, sheriff stilinski, sour wolves, strawberry blonde goddesses, teen wolf, the history of male circumcision, werewolves, witty puns, wolfsbane
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